Replacement terms

  1. You have been provided with a wrong account mistakenly.
  2. There is no rank on the account at the time of purchase.
  • In case of an account being compromised or locked, the customer must notify us as soon as possible so we can try recovering the account within the next three business days once the complaint has been received. We will not be held accountable if the compromised account gets a VAC ban.
  • Buy Prime Account is not be held responsible or liable for the trust factor of any purchased account. Any account with a low or bad trust factor will not be subject to any kind of replacement or refund. There is no such tool to measure the trust factor of the account, due to that we do not guarantee a high trust factor on the accounts.
  • Any account purchased from us get VAC banned or GAME BANNED due to cheats used or any other 3rd party software used by the end user will not be applicable for a refund or replacement at all, and all requests made by the end-user will not be entertained by us.
  • We will not be responsible for any account sold by the end-user to any other person.
  • In the case of a Party Member Ban, the customer can opt for a replacement or reboosting of the product given the fact he/she contacts us within the time period of 48 hours since the delivery.
  • In case of a Party Member Ban on a high ranked product such as Global Elite, Supreme Master First Class, Legendary Eagle Master, Legendary Eagle, the product will be reboosted to a random rank only.
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